Sunday, November 15, 2020

Battle of the Bands: Martha

 I was listening to some music yesterday and stumbled across this song. I found the lyrics of the song to be something one could make a half dozen memes too. I also found out the version of the song was a cover and without a song selected for my Battle of the Bands all I needed was one more cover. Well I found that as well so here I am.

The song is by Tom Waits and is called "Martha" and here is his version...

Just a recap of how this is suppose to work. I select two covers and you tell me which one you like the best in the comments. (If you tell me in the comments which one you hate the least well I can count that as a vote too!) Then in a week or so I count up the votes and select a winner then I announce the winner in a separate post. Every vote counts and I can honestly say I have never had a candidate request a recount. 

Well let's start this contest out with a slice of Meatloaf..

Contestant One: Meatloaf

Contestant Two: Tim Buckley

I hope you enjoyed this Battle. Please vote in the comments. I'll be back with a new Battle on December 1st. 


Arlee Bird said...

Well, music is all about taste. This song did not grab me at all, other than the classical style instrumentalism. I'm kind of surprised that other artists would be inspired to cover this, but I guess it is a showcase of style in a sense.

Meatloaf was overly dramatic for my tastes, but it was suitable to his style.

Give my vote to Tim Buckley.


John Holton said...

What Arlee said. Meat Loaf was overdramatic. I vote Tim Buckley.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...


I am a longtime fan of the pre-'83 Tom Waits music. Tom's second LP, 'The Heart Of Saturday Night', is probably one of my all-time Top 10 favorite albums ever.

However, this song, from his first LP, isn't one that ever appealed to me much. I don't dislike it, but it's always just kind of been "there". 

You can add my vote to Tim Buckley's collection. He didn't add a thing to the Tom Waits original, but I've never liked Meatloaf, so Buckley wins almost by default.

~ D-FensDogG
(aka STMcC)

Cathy Kennedy said...


I did not know this song and I wouldn't say it's one I like but anywho...I agree with what the boys say that Meatloaf's version is a bit dramatic but his style seems to fit this song best. So, I'm gonna give my vote to MEATLOAF. On any other song, I might side with Buckley but not this time. Good battle!

Swing over to vote in my BoTB when you get a chance!