Monday, July 31, 2017

Battle of the Bands Results: No Love for the Boss

 Sometimes things are missed in translation on a blog. There is no wink, twinkle of the eye or facial expression. I participate in the Battle of the Bands because it is fun. I enjoy it. I'm happy with it. It looks like most participants are changing to once a month on the 15th. Cool!  I'll give it a whirl. It is a change and was one of many going on in my world which led to my choice of song on the 15th.

Onto the results. My battle featured three musical icons Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel. Dylan gets covered quite a bit and I think I picked a song that hasn't been covered by everyone. I liked stripping the Battle down to just Bruce versus Billy.

Billy Joel ran away with this Battle winning 6 to 0.

Let's celebrate "Uptown Girl"

"It's Still Rock N Roll to Me"

"River Dreams"

Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back mid-month for a new Battle of the Bands. Stay tuned to see what else turns up.


Anonymous said...

I like Billy Joel, and I'm no fan of Bruce - but it has nothing to do with his politics. (I don't like Dylan, either.) Unfortunately BOTB is all about politics, with is why it was no fun for me. I honestly dont care who leans liberal or conservative or whatever. Good music is good music, and I can separate the art from the artist. (except Ted Nugent. F*ck that guy)

mike spain said...

I must of missed the politics

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I see I wasn't alone in my opinion of that last contest. Springsteen is, to my ears, a pretty bad cover artist. Yeah, he's covered a couple songs I've liked, but generally I feel he tends to wreck other people's songs.

The comment above amused me. BOTB turned 4 years old yesterday. And it's "all about politics"? Ha! In 4 years has politics ever seeped into a BOTB contest? Sure, a few times. But that's life. That's normal. Other things have seeped into BOTB a few times also in 4 years. But by and large (almost to the point of "exclusively") BOTB is "all about the music".

Most of the time, I can separate the music from the musician. (Except Bruce Springsteen. F*ck that guy.) [;^)

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Arlee Bird said...

I used to be a Bruce fan but I got tired of him and his music. There are still some of his songs that I enjoy, but mostly I avoid listening to anything he does.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out