Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ten Concert Game: The Blues

Nine artists/groups and one that is a lie that I have seen in concert. I'm doing mine by genres, starting with The Blues.
1) B.B. King

2) Hubert Sumlin

3) Buddy Guy

4) John Lee Hooker

5) Taj Mahal

6) Robert Cray

7) Albert Collins 

8) Keb' Mo

9) Bonnie Raitt

10) James Cotten

Stealing a facebook game and turning it into a blog post. However, with this I get to expand and add music. Please put your guess in the comments. Winner will get their own post.


John Holton said...

I'm going to guess Hubert Sumlin, mostly because the others are better known and you'd have more of a chance to see them.

mike spain said...

Nice guess. However, I did see him perform and it was a great set. I also met him and talked to him. He was very down to earth.

Liz A. said...

I read somewhere that this game is a great way for phishers to gain info to hack into your accounts. Just beware. (I've skipped the game myself as it needs you to have seen 9 bands live. My list would be "I've seen one of these bands and the other 9 are lies", and anyone who knows me would know the only band I've ever seen in concert. (And even though I loved the band, I hated the concert experience, which is why I don't see music live.))

mike spain said...

Liz I read about that too. However, my blog is fearless.Lately I could do a list of 10 shows I said I was going to and which one did I go to.

Cathy Kennedy said...


I enjoyed the R&B session this morning. It was great to chillax with a bit of bluesy mewsic today, most of which is new-to-me. Have rhythmic weekend!