Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Circus is leaving...

This post has nothing to do with Eric Clapton and everything to do with the Circus. When I think of the Circus, I think of The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Sure I have enjoyed going to see other ones. The Big Apple Circus was awesome when I reviewed it here. However, it wasn't the Circus and that is what is ending.

The last time I went to the circus was two years ago and here is my daughter trying on costumes before the show..

Michael Spain's portrait.

Maybe she will become a daredevil motorcycle rider..

Michael Spain's portrait.

Her mom my not approve of that occupation for her. Guess it is too late for me to run off and join the circus now, I would probably have been a clown.

I've been lucky to share the circus with my stepson when he was young and my daughter. Of course I have memories from when I was young too..

Image result for legendary circus animal trainer

I remember watching the late, great Gunther Gebel-Williams perform. As a child I had  dreams of being him and working with the big cats. I grew older and worked with house cats. Those house cats have always thought of me as their own chew toys so I guess it is probably for the best I didn't work with the big cats. Did I miss calling? Below is my daughter and me hanging out with a tiger..

Michael Spain's portrait.

The circus had their fights over animal shows. A circus isn't always politically correct. It did bring people together and did entertain. However over 146 years entertainment has changed. I will miss the circus but I am glad I have fond memories and that I had the opportunity to share the circus.

A circus train from 2016..

Circus Opening..

What are your circus memories? Feel free to share. I will miss the circus.

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