Thursday, December 1, 2016

Battle of the Bands: 80s Pop, Newer Covers


Do I do the expected Holiday song or do I spin the mystery music wheel? Well the mystery wheel wins again. Today's inspiration comes from 80s pop. I saw Taylor Dayne back in the early 90s in concert and paths crossed recently perhaps on radio airwaves or something. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

Please check out the rest of the battles, this site has the best links.

The song:Tell it to My Heart

Contestant One: Nicola Marie

Contestant Two: Lynsey Cawthra

Who did you like best? Vote in the comments tell it from your heart. I will be back with results and a new battle o December 15th!


Arlee Bird said...

Neither cover does justice to the original.

I found Nicola Marie's style to be somewhat annoying. Lynsey Cawthra was a tad bit better--I definitely preferred her singing style.

A vote for Lynsey Cawthra.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

What's your Battle doing here? Aren't you about 23 hours early?! (Ha! Just teasing you, buddy.)

Wow! This one left me speechless for awhile. Nicola... that video was painful to watch in about 4 different ways!

I'm voting for the Second Singer. And if this is not a shutout it'll be a genuine miracle. :o)

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Debbie D. said...

Interesting selection! Nicola Marie was way too hyper for my taste, plus she went off-key a few times. Lynsey Cawthra's vocal tone was a bit grating, but the arrangement was beautiful. Please give my vote to Lynsey.

Michele Truhlik said...

Well, I have to say that I loved Nicola's infectious laughter but her talking got on my nerves. Her confidence was definitely impressive though. But from a perspective of pure enjoyment of the song, I'm giving my vote to Lynsey Cawthra.

Fun battle.

Michele at Angels Bark

Jeffrey Scott said...

Great 80's song. I feel the two contestants here are a little unevenly matched.
One is a live performance, the other was done in a more controlled environment.
While Nicola's version was live, it was evident she was nervous. Surely something that may have affected her rendition. I think she was good. True her loquaciousness was a bit much, but under the circumstances, it's understandable.
Lynsey on the other hand was able to record till she was satisfied with the results. But the results were very good. True, we are not voting on what could have been a good song, but on the best performance as/is. So to that, I would have to give my vote to Lynsey. Certainly the better of the two presented here.

Mary Burris said...

Wow! That Nicola Marie was a train wreck that I couldn't stop watching! But I have to admit that I truly enjoyed Lynsey Cawthra much more. Please give my vote to Lynsey.

Jingle Jangle Jungle

Robin said...


I agree with Stephen. If Nicola isn't shutout here, it will be a Christmas miracle.

I must say, though, that the Nicola video... I have never seen anything like it. The judges summed up all of my thoughts about her performance collectively. I don't know that it was good, but I couldn't quit watching it. Like a car crash. Have you seen the video circulating on YouTube of the two women in LA who got into a fist fight, then got in their cars and played bumper cars? It was kinda like that for me. I watched that video and several others (differing cameras and angles), because it was... as that first judge said, "People just don't do this." But when they do we watch it. We think it's crazy, but we watch it.

The second version was lovely and a slam dunk win. Vote Lynsey.

John Holton said...

I'll go with Lynsey as well. Remember "Farm Film Reporet" with Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok from SCTV, who would let a singer get halfway through a song before blowing them up? I wanted to see that happen to Nicola Marie. "Wooooo! She blowed up good!" "She blowed up real good!" "Yeah! Real good."

Birgit said...

Lynsey all the way! She listened to the words to give them meaning and I liked her voice. Nicola was irritating from her talking and eyes popping out of her head to her actual voice which had no direction. This was a fun battle even though it will probably be a shut out