Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Blog of Nothing

There are plenty of things to blog about. Just nothing is moving me. I thought I would write about something in the morning. Nothing. I visited some blogs from the A to Z Challenge as part of the "road trip."Sure they had ideas for blog posts. Late night, well here I am staring at the blank screen that is my blog.

Burnout? Lack of motivation? The evaporation of creative thinking from my mind? Possibly.Maybe I am just in need of recharging the blog batteries. Maybe I have a bunch of ideas posted on my walls but I have awful aim with darts?

I don't know. Nothing is moving me. No subjects are calling me to write about them. A whole lot of nothing for the blog. Sometimes nothing is just the thing to blog about.

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TheCyborgMom said...

Hi Mike...thanks for visiting my blog. You should have called this post, "the Seinfeld post" :)
Road-tripping the A to Z