Sunday, September 29, 2013

Times Up Lane Kiffin

When does a 62-41 loss sting more for a head coach? When you get fired after the game. It could be karma for the coach who jetted the Tennessee Volunteers after one season. However, the truth is big time programs in college football have big expectations and simply put Lane's teams did not meet them.

In parts of four season with the University of Southern California Trojans Kiffen has a respectable 28-15 record. However losing 7 out of your last 11 games is not good. Starting your conference season 0-2 is not great either. Last season the Trojans were a preseason number one team they finished unranked.

Lane Kiffin will probably coach again, he is young, and he has some experience. Is he a good coach? I don't know. Perhaps he turns his players into great men which would indicate he is an incredible coach. What I have observe is he isn't a loyal coach (Tennessee) and he didn't get the job done at USC. Maybe he will be a bit humble. If a school takes a chance to hire him will he stay loyal or will he jet as soon as a more appealing opportunity comes about? Can't really blame him for jumping ships soon, I mean schools don't have loyalty to coaches either. But I am sure that is a question schools interested in Kiffin will be asking.

He could be an entertaining coach if he gets another chance. If he could stick around a place and have a bit of success. There are a lot of could, maybes and questions around Kiffin I hope he finds answers.

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