Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome 2012

I published my first article of the year on this week. The pro golf season is back in swing so I will have more golf articles coming up. I cover my first play of the New Year tomorrow and I am signed up for one more play and one concert. I was going to slow down and take it easy and gradually work back into the grind. Oh well I guess the grind never ends.

Tomorrow will be cool since I will get to take my daughter and spend lots of time with her. Writing eats up a lot of time. Family needs a lot of time. So when the time can be spent doing both and it is quality time with the family that is a double win.

Still a lot of up and downs and some things are not stable in my non-writing live at the moment. Thus it is hard to commit to too much. Plus a better balance is always the best route.

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