Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congrats to The Giants! Congrats to Beau!

The Texas Rangers did a great job getting to their first World Series. The San Francisco Giants did a better job in their first World Series appearance in five decades. The Giants made short work of the Rangers winning the series in five games. 

In more important baseball news (to Beau Torbert fans anyway)..Beau Torbert has signed with the Atlanta Braves according to the Sioux Falls Pheasants site. Details state it is a Class AA/ Class AAA contract. The article also stated he won a few more awards I had not mentioned in my earlier posts. Most notably Beau "was  named Baseball America’s 2010 Independent Player of the Year."

The best news is Beau gets a chance to pursue his major league dreams and play in organized ball again. He started with the Astros and had a chance with the Tigers. Now he is in the Braves organization.

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