Sunday, May 23, 2010

Questions on the Gulf Oil Spill

It should never take this long to stop an oil leak from an oil rig. The damage will be incredible. Hopefully, we will learn valuable lessons from it. It needs to be stopped! We also need to focus on how to clean up this mess and minimize the ecological damage.

How do we clean up the damaged gulf? How do we stop it from spreading to the Caribbean?  How do we stop it from spreading to the Atlantic Ocean? How do we clean up the damaged wetlands? How to we reverse the damage? When will it be safe for the shrimpers to go back to making a living? When will it be safe to eat gulf shrimp again? When can the commercial fisherman go back to fishing the gulf? When can I take a charter fishing trip in the gulf and catch healthy safe fish? How many animals are going to go extinct over this? How many will go endangered? What is going to happen to the waterman who can't make a living? What is going to happen to the tourist towns on the gulf who will lose visitors? How do we make sure something like this never happens again?

Not everybody at BP is evil and BP does do some good things. The government isn't all bad. It isn't a blame game. We don't have time for that. Yes BP should cover the cost. However we have to work together and answer the questions I asked and I am sure there are more questions to be answer. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida all deserve better. It is another slap to the regions face, just like Katrina. And this tragedy effects more than the five states mentioned it effects us all.

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