Monday, January 28, 2008

RE:Jimmy Page Says He Wants A Led Zeppelin World Tour

Jimmy Page stated in Japan he wanted Led Zeppelin to do a world tour. Of course he does! It's not like Jimmy Page has released a lot of new material lately. In the 90's it was the Page/Plant tours. Then he ended the 90's out with a live recording and tour with the Black Crowes doing mainly Led Zeppelin songs. Recently he appeared on a Jerry Lee Lewis album. Guess what? They did a cover of "Rock and Roll." Now Zeppelin are promoting their latest greatest hits collection "Mother Ship" and an updated "The Song Remains The Same."

If Led Zeppelin goes on a world tour, Page, Plant and Jones will make a lot of money. If Jimmy can keep the rumors flying about a possible tour it keeps the interest in Zeppelin high and helps increase their sales.

Then there is Robert Plant. He has a small world tour of his own brewing with Alison Krauss. The CD is selling nicely. The songs are covers, but they are new to him. They are new arrangements and it keeps with Robert's pursuit to move forward. Previous to this project, he had perhaps his best release with "Mighty Rearanger." The Strange Sensation band was giving Robert a push, to produce music which captured the essence of Zeppelin yet with a new band, without the pressure of the dinosaur. He could still push the envelope.

If they regroup, I think in Plant's mind their would have to be new material. Could these old mates regroup and move the old dinosaur to newer ground? Or would Plant become one of those singers he sang against in Tin Pan Alley"?

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