Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Battle of the Bands 99: 99 Balloons

Since this is my 99th Battle of the Bands, I thought I would go with 99 Balloons.  Picking an 80's pop song that is such an earworm you will be singing it for days after listening to it. Perhaps that should be a warning label.

The original English version of the song..

Contender One: Goldfinger

Contender Two: Sleeping at Last

Hope you had fun! You know the routine vote for the one you like the best in the comments. I will count them up and post a results post a week or so later. Thanks for visiting and I will back soon.


Arlee Bird said...

As annoying as this song is I guess we can thank you for using this one instead of "99 Bottles of Beer". I'm kind of surprised that anyone ever considered covering this song. Still, it was a clever idea to use for your 99th Battle. Hard to believe we've got so many of these behind us!

I'm going with Sleeping at Last. At least it was kind of relaxing.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Debbie D. said...

Good song choice for your 99th BOTB, but for sure, it is one of those earworms! Interesting that you found such diverse covers. "Sleeping At Last" was putting me to sleep, so I'm going with the punk version by "Goldfinger".

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

That was a cool idea to use this song, corresponding with your 99th BOTB installment!

I'm not sure I'd ever heard this song before. It certainly didn't ring any bells. By 1983, I was NOT listening to Pop / Rock radio anymore, so the only songs I know from that time are ones I saw / heard on MTV - which I did tune into and drank a lot of beer to. ;0)

I went to Wackypedia and read the story about how this song came to be, and it was extremely interesting!

I did NOT like that Punk-cum-Heavy Metal version by Goldfinger at all! No bueno to my tender ears!

But the rendition by SLEEPING AT LAST was quite nice. (Seems like maybe the leader of the group was having insomnia problems at one point, eh?) I even enjoyed the SAL version considerably better'n the original recording by Nena.

~ D-FensDogG

Cherdo said...

What are the odds that we'd both mention ear worms today?

Goldfinger isn't doing anything for me today (no hard feelings, Goldfinger, okay?), so I'm giving my vote to Sleeping at Last!

In High School, I took German...when this song came out, my friends and I sang it all the time because it was one of the few songs in German that we knew the words to AND what they meant. And mostly because we were weird. That's a fair statement.

Thanks, Mike!

Mary B said...

Congrats on your 99th battle! (Sorry I'm a bit late in making my rounds)
Sleeping at last put me right to sleep. And having remembered the original song, I know that is not the intent of the song. My vote goes to Goldfinger.

John Holton said...

I'll go with Sleeping At Last's version. I didn't like the speeded-up rave version that Gold Finger did.

aisasami said...

I really never liked 99 Balloons as I got bored with the song quickly. I never understood the hype either. But, I love Goldfinger's version as it paints the song in a different light and transforms "99 Balloon" into a new tune that is likable. I also love punk and love this version.

XmasDolly said...

I don't get it.