Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 Wanee Festival Lineup Part 2: Kung Fu, Conspirator, Soulive and Tribal Seeds

Wanee Music Festival is set for April 14, 15 and 16 of 2016. It will be the second Wanee Festival without the Allman Brother Bands but this festival has a fantastic lineup. This year I will be doing them as a series. It look like it might be a six part series but that could change. This part two of that series you can read part one here.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu will be kicking it at Wanee in 2016. This New England funk band fuses elements of old school funk with modern electronic dance music style to create a sound all their own.

Here they are with "Chin Music"...


 Soulive is a funk/jazz outfit originating from Woodstock, New York. I mentioned this group while writing about Nigel Hall in part one of this series. The group has released over 10 albums. The band has played several festivals and has opened for big name bands such as the Dave Matthews Band and the Rolling Stones.

Below the band performs "El Ron"..

Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds will be bringing their Reggae vibes from San Diego to the festival. The band has one two iTune Music Awards and a San Diego Area Music Award. They have also had an album top the Reggae charts.

Here is a taste of Tribal Seeds..."The Garden"


Conspirator will bring their electronic sound to Wanee. The group features the bassist and keyboardists from The Disco Biscuits and a DJ.

Here is a sample.."Retrograde"

Stay tuned I will be back soon with part three of this series and I will have a new post soon!

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